Try an AI “feedback box” as a better way to predict outcomes and remain useful.

Some might remember that feedback box filled (hopefully) with pieces of paper where your team or your customers could post anonymous suggestions / feedback to make anything better.

Why don’t you create a business or App to avoid the very ineffective writing on paper, then reading all inputs, then trying to make sense of them, cluster them etc?

Imagine an AI algorithm that scans your team’s Slack or even just a specific #feedback channel. Then clustered ideas / suggestions, found the most frequent or most “liked” and then created “why don’t we …” suggestions?

Add to this the opportunity to have your entire army of stakeholders bet on which new product / service is most likely to succeed? You will find that they are right in their prediction more often than the “management team” who had the idea to put to market that product / service. Why? Because there is much more cumulative knowledge of the reality of what surrounds the company in people more close to the action than there is in the few people “at the top”.

These are the kinds of AI solutions that many of the most advanced companies are already implementing.

So what is YOUR way of collecting feedback, predictions to remain agile and relevant and the best possible version of your organization?

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