my why and my how

WHY do I do what I do?
I have a passion to connect people’s values with actions that make them aware of the protagonism and impact they can have in their lives and in their environment.
I get a great quick from accompanying people / organisations to connect and co-create a Values and Purpose-driven prosperous future for them and for everyone.
Have been having fun “saving the world” with 20+ years of purpose-driven impact innovation
contributing in my small way to a prosperous future for people, for planet, for companies.

do I live my why?
Sharing ideas and experiences with my keynotes and sessions :

serving as
director general at ebbf – ethical business building the future
B Corp Ambassador at B Lab Europe
Partner at NOW.Partners
Co-founder of the Impact Hub Madrid
visiting professor of impact innovation and helping creating companies worth existing at:
EOI , UCJC, Instituto de Empresa, ESADE

and a “couple” more things you can find on my linkedIN profile:
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My hope is that the random ideas that I collect and post in this blog inspire you to do something more or better with the talents you have been given and have been developing.
There is something out there that badly needs you to address it,
find it and enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful way to live your life.