Zebra or Unicorn? The power of metaphors to give clarity, unite and drive to innovation

“Project Target” seems to be going well! How often have you used a code name, or event better a metaphor, to define key projects in your innovation-seeking organization? You really should.

People need clarity and a uniting force to drive forward and to really put all their energy into innovative projects.
The reality surrounding us is confusing, uncertain and fast changing.

Exactly for those two reasons using metaphors and giving specific names to complicated concepts (and to your key projects) is increasingly useful to simplify complexity and give a “ah yes I understand that” “yes I remember that well” reaction from a team that is constantly receiving so many different new messages from inside and from outside the organization.

“We have four key plans moving forward” has a different level of clarity than giving specific, memorable, names to those four key plans.

What catches the imagination and drive of your team even further is when those names mean something to them. When they created them. When they chose a name that is memorable to them, that incites a direction, a clear message.

So try it out, get your team to name at least one of your key projects, and see how much more often it is mentioned and addressed in the next few months.

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