Don’t design your ideal product / service, let your clients do it

I was recently reading Evan Henshaw-Plath’s description about how Twitter started “there was an open API … so the users created everything. They created inline images and short links and retweets and the app, actual at and hashtags. And so Twitter’s innovation and social, it’s not like someone designed Twitter as it exists today. The users of Twitter created what it became”

As Kevin Kelly writes in his MUST READ book “The Inevitable”
“When a company opens part of its databases and functionality to users and other startups via a public API … it is encouraging the participation of its users at new levels.

…no longer a company’s customers; they’re the company’s developers, vendors, laboratories, and marketers.

…new ways for customers and audiences to participate”

So why do all the work yourself?
Find ways in which you can “share your API” and let your clients design the best possible solution … for them.

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