4 reasons why you should stop your team’s daily urgencies and introduce future-dreaming sessions.

Daily urgency and stress is toxic, specially if you want to create the best possible innovation.
4 reasons why you really should create regular pauses from the daily to-do list grind and have your team enjoy dreaming-the-future sessions:

  1. Daily urgencies clutter your team’s mind and do not allow them to think openly. Pausing that and getting them in a future planning session will definitely give a breath of fresh air to their tired and stressed minds and give them fresh energy to go back to that daily grind later.
  2. If your daily tasks and decisions are creating conflict and you want to bring your team together or if you wish to get a wider team to go from polarisation and partisan thinking to finding common ground, coming together to dream the future is definitely the way.
  3. Dreaming is good for you, it has a liberating possibilities-opening effect on your attitude, brain and creativity.
  4. Lifting your head and looking at the future, will allow you see more of what is around you now and of what might be around you next: fundamental to make the best decisions today.

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