Climate crisis: existential threat or framework for a new kind of enterprise?

Climate change can be seen as a threat to business as usual and a very serious one; but as an entrepreneur it is your chance to design or rethink your company to directly address this emergency.

Instead of managing the risk, you can use climate emergency to jump start a reshaping of your business model, your reason for existing. It is certain that the need to reduce emissions and biodiversity wipe out will call for the best innovation to arise. And the best innovators, once sparked into action will create amazing new solutions. They will also create new job opportunities and a broader new way of working.

You could call it the climate revolution of business and it will require this radically new way of thinking that will have to shift the profit only very simplistic purpose of companies to a balance between that essential profit first together with an equally essential emissions zero aim.

The new aim, which starts with the broad question – is my company worth existing? – will drive a different kind of motivation in your team, as they know that what you are doing is worth it. The new objective of the company will have a direct impact on the people around them, save their lives in fact.

It will attract new capital: with the new awareness of the crisis we are facing, at long last finance is now moving from old to new priorities and driven by the European Green bonds and a new found energy in Impact Investors. Green energy, sustainability purpose driven companies are now far more likely to attract capital and confidence of investors in both the short and long run.

So do get that creativity and innovation going and aim for that new goal of climate emergency solutions, to motivate, stimulate your team and attract investments.

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