From loneliness and powerlessness to tribes to movements to regain meaning and impact

One reason for the state of crisis that seems to surround us is that we have lost the credible story for meaningfulness, for belonging and feel powerless to affect the world around us.

Never before in our history have we felt so lonely, without the people that we need to interact with to understand our reality, to create meaning and give us a sense that we can influence and not only be influenced.

Hence our need to become part of a tribe, moving away from the feared loneliness. The current populism attracts all the people feeling lonely and gives them a sense of belonging, of protection, of having found the people to stop and take control of the torrent of change that surrounds us all. Holding a common flag , a strong message that unites us (for good , or in the case of populism for short term gains and overall failure ).

There are better ways to win back that missing sense of protagonism, of taking some level of control  of all that is happening and changing around us.

Finding like-minded tribes and creating a sense of interconnection, of understanding that however small an action I might take, it will affect the big picture.Aware that   every single individual and action is connected to that broader influence.

The next level that can bring about systemic change is when a number of tribes unite into movements. The word itself conveys a sense of progress from one state to another , moving and affecting people, organizations, perceptions and actions

There are three key elements that either give life or sink a movement of tribes:

meaning + influence. +. Interconnectedness


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