Be fluid to be successful! Why should I develop fluidity in my team?

Was inspired by this phrase that John Sanei shared during one of his The Expansive Podcasts with Erik Kruger “When you live a fluid life, you are naturally elegant.
When you are living a fluid life you are naturally living a life that is long term and focused.
You are not taking any brash or reactive decisions.
Fluidity is the stream you can tap into.”

The phrase made me think of what fluidity really means in our working lives and in our teams.
Fluidity I see as different and better than flexibility.
It reminds me of a stream that flows, that moves, that overcomes obstacles but that moves in a certain direction. It does have a purpose at the end that it will, almost inevitably reach.
Adaptability is continuous change which is of course most welcome nowadays but it has the weakness of not having a direction, a flow towards an end. That will definitely make you more successful than “just” adapting.

It is also so beautiful to think of the elegance of fluidity. Water flows beautifully, you don’t see its struggle as it overcomes obstacles and stones and deviations in the stream. Or as it just flows down your sink.
Having a fluid mindset means you are less clogged up, you are flowing and it is then a pleasure to work with fluid people.

Fluidity also connects to the idea of not being stuck.
A fluid mindset will always be looking for new ways forward, will be open to explore new ways to progress.

As John mentions in his quote, there is a lack of brash / reactive approach. Often the enemy of good decisions is a rush to take short term decisions, patching things up, putting out fires. This fluid mindset takes that out and allows a beautiful flow of decision making, much nicer to be working in and with such a team.

I see so much more coming from that quote but for now I’ll share just one more thought.
Fluidity ensure movement, progress, going forward. Something that is fluid has the energy and flow to become unstoppable and therefore very welcome in a team of innovators.

Consistency (not adaptability) leads to resonance

The praises of being adaptable, to keep up with the rate of change around us, is all wrong!
Well not quite, being adaptable is definitely positive but being adaptable must not mean changing idea, changing strategy, changing for the sake of changing whenever a new idea comes to our attention.

The ideal adaptability is where you create a level of consistency that will resonate and not disrupt people around you.
“This is our main goal for today, this other one for tomorrow, and next week get ready to pivot to…”.
The motivation and productivity of a team working in this hyper adaptable environment will be very low.
The most usual consequence being just sitting, doing the least possible, and wait for the next strategy to come down from the top.

You need your team to resonate with you and with each other, you need the an underlying consistency that will allow people to feel comfortable, to predict what will happen next. Of course there are no certainties but the there are patterns of change that you can get used to.