Thinking Fast and Slow – Innovating Fast or Slow?

The famous book by Daniel Kahneman “Thinking Fast and Slow” reminds us of the two operating methods of our brain. How can we use both to improve our own innovation mindset?

First to market, MVP, Fast Iterations … there is a lot to be said for fast cycles of innovation that quickly implement new ideas and concepts. There is also a lot to be said about learning as fast as possible how to best innovate.

Interestingly to learn fast, you need to slow down your processes one notch and include review, reflection, awareness, assessment elements to your innovation cycles.

By creating time outs to review what happened:
. the way the team went from idea to implementation,
. how effective the process was
. how much of the expectations were met
. how well expectations were thought through
. how connected our innovation was to what our market wants or event better needs (because very often people want something but actually need and deeply appreciate something different)

You will accelerate learning and massively improve your innovation by creating moments to create a deeper awareness of the innovation process and of how we all contributed to it, or failed to understand how to best contribute and how the process of innovation can be made to suit better the people involved and the outcomes (in that order)

Because learning is infinitely more useful than creating a solution.

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