Why does curiosity create confidence?

The authors of “The curious advantage” write in the intro to their book “the real secret to business success is not forcing new ideas to come forward. It’s listening and sensing why things are the way they are …
from there new solutions become clear and unique in form.
Curiosity is what makes this happen.”

With all the possibilities around us, confident people will quickly attract and progress. So confidence (NOT certainty) is definitely an important asset to develop.

People who awaken + use curiosity are less fearful and create less fear.
They are asking questions that do not pose threats to them or to others.
Questions like “what would happen if?” “I wonder why did that happen?” “What will happen next and what is happening? 😁” .
Increasing this curiosity mindset lowers our anxiety and stress because we are not pushing for decisions, we are curious to see what happens, why things happen, what is out there.

This reduction in anxiety then opens new possibilities because we are not acting in fear but with fresh exploring eyes of what might be.

Curiosity then increases our confidence to open our mind, it adds new layers of information, it creates more confident thinking and being.

This will also be visible to others. They will find you more attractive, interesting to be with. You will be invited to more of the important events and decision-making meetings because you are asking good curious questions.

So what are you waiting for? Take steps to unlock your and your team’s curiosity !

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