Why is GENZ talent going to leave you and what to do about it?

This article by Jason Wingard “The Great Resignation: Why Gen Z Is Leaving The Workforce In Droves…And What To Do About It” sparked in my three more ideas on how you can both motivate AND retain (*) the most innovative and interesting younger talent to your organization:

reducing bureaucracy, decision levels, to get that (almost) instant satisfaction that these generations are so used to with. Long testing processes from idea to action are a sure way to lose interest, engagement and talent. 

experimenting, trying things out, being comfortable with beta mode is what creates the agility and ability to try, pivot, progress and continuously move forward to get to the best solution. Ideal for any company, essential for younger generations.

being an influencer, is something that many younger people aspire to, it is achieved by many of their peers, they want it too. They want to be protagonist, of meaningful impact, they want to make change happen and be seen to make it happen. Again the (almost) instant reward is something they are accustomed to.

So definitely not an easy bunch to please and motivate, but an essential one too.

(*) because you really don’t want to retain at all costs an unmotivated and unproductive person.

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