Why transparency is (almost) always good with your team, two key ideas.

Your team loves to be driven with innovation but also knowing what is happening around them, specially if relevant to their work or role.

Transparency is a great asset to create trust but also to reduce agitation, reducing the uncertainty of the “is something going on that I don’t know about?” kind of questions that arise in increasingly decentralised teams and ways of working.

Two key elements to make the most of transparency:

  1. Total transparency is easy but might not be the best solution.
    If what you share creates more questions and doubts and uncertainty than answers, perhaps the time to share it is not now?
  2. Make it normal to share – create regular connection points.
    If you are sharing something out of the blue, at an unexpected time, this can be come as a surprise with destabilising effects. Just like when you see lighting in the sky at night, it grabs all of your attention. In your team a surprise one-off announcement can similarly attract a lot of attention (of the wrong attention) and have people forget everything else that is important around them.
    Instead create a rhythm that is normal and expected and that creates stability.
    It can be a weekly all hands meeting. Or the Friday roundup. Or the Wednesday town hall Q&A.
    Do make sure you create moments when your people know they can all interact with you (and with each other) to get a good vision of what is happening.

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