“Beginners mindset” how it will make you the best innovator

You were at the centre of attention. You were a guru in your topic, a real expert, whenever someone had an issue with that speciality you were the go-to person that came first to their mind to talk to, until … that expertise became obsolete.

A new App, a new approach, a new version meant that you lost all of your front-runner top innovator expertise and now need to go back to being … a beginner.

This situation is going to happen every day more often in our working lives.

That “beginners mindset” is what will save you from becoming obsolete. But it is not an easy way of adapting. It is a very humbling experience.

A beginners mindset means being totally comfortable with not knowing, with wanting to learn and with the best attitude to learning fast, well and often.

Ego comes in the way of letting go and accepting that “hey you know what? I need to #reskill / #upskill / train / retrain / learn” (and keep learning).

But a beginner mindset can make your life so easy: “you know what I don’t know and guess what many other people don’t know either.” What will make you different and better is that you will be open to, eager to, ready to begin and learn.

You can be (and should be) the fastest and best at learning.

It is actually easier than you think, but you first have to let go of your reputation, actually you just need to transition your reputation:
from being an expert at a few things
to becoming an expert at learning.

Are you open to becoming a beginner and starting from the beginning again?
(and again)?

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