What we need from a team member vs what they can perform vs what they want to do: a gap that can break your company.

Typical situation, you are expecting a person in your team to do something, to take an action, to perform a task.
Yet they don’t. Or they deliver way less than what you expected.

They do not meet your / your team’s expectations of what that person should be doing or should have done.

There is a gap between expectation and reality that often creates sub-optimal at best, or more likely terrible outcomes. Preventing the need for great innovation and best possible outcomes to come from your team.

That is because we all too often assign tasks to people, because they always did it, because that is what the title on their desk says, but not necessarily because they are the best person for the job. They might be great at something BUT, they do not have the tools, the information, the processes, the resources … any of a number of elements that are necessary for them to succeed.

And second but most important: do they want to do that task?

They might be great at it, have all they need to excel, but guess what, because they don’t feel in the mood, not motivated, had a bad day, going through complex personal times, they might not want to do it. They might be missing one of my favourite words in the dictionary – the volition – to perform at their usual best.

So next time you ask a team member to make some magic innovation happen, also ask yourself:
can they make it happen? Are they able to do it and have I created the best possible environment for them to thrive?
Do they want to do it?

Thinking of the actions you need to take to create good answers to both questions, will greatly increase the mood and success at your organisation.

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