She is so amazing! The problem with inspiring leaders

You think you need to give breathtaking presentations, rousing speeches, outstanding levels of work outputs but actually being great might be detrimental to you and to your team’s best outcomes.

Why getting a standing ovation at the end of each of your weekly team meetings is NOT what you should be aiming for.

It’s a delicate combination but the best possible outcome to have your team create the best innovation is spreading the amazingness.

When people feel part, feel they are not left behind, too far behind to contribute is when they give their best.
Here is where perceptions play a big role: you think that person over there is useless and well below par and bringing the entire team down. But might they be better at another role, another task?

You want to identify (or train and develop) at least one place where each member of your team is amazing.

Then unite the individual amazingness; as Simon Sinek mentioned “It’s better to have a great team than a team of greats” so making everyone else really aware of each person’s role, skills, amazingness and how they all create the outcomes that make the highest possible outcomes possible.

So try and resist that standing ovation for your next team meeting and identify ways to find that magic spot where everyone in your team feels truly part and amazing.

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