Purpose is not enough, also ask “what for?”

Filling the entire working day doing things, being productive is not good. Not good for you nor for your team.
Create great work and working environment by taking regular daily and weekly – time out – to ask yourself not just the big why purpose question “why am I doing this?” but also the equivalently important and less mentioned one “what is the outcome?”

Increasingly purpose is at the centre of most motivational workplace drivers but less emphasis and consequently less time is dedicated to the consequences of your work, what will be different (in my and in others) when I do this (or that).

A very basic example to help visualise what these two related but different questions imply and how using them well can motivate your and your team’s desire to make magic happen.

THE WHY: The Purpose
We are here to create the best learning experience

THE WHAT FOR: What is the outcome of my work, of this team’s work?
Once we deliver on our purpose, I will have grown my understanding of learning, we will have a better knowledge of learning development as a team experience, our users will have grown their capacity and through that be able to take forward much more impactful lives, harnessing much more of their unlimited capacity … thanks to my/our work.

Beyond this very basic example, think for yourself and do enjoy those time-outs, start conversation with your team, not only about your WHY but also on your WHAT FOR.

Taking time out to exit automated work mode and giving thought and metrics to these two complementary questions will explode your team’s drive and allow them to really focus great work to achieve what will emerge as the most outcomes.

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