Information does not create a desire for action, emotion does.

How do I stimulate my team’s (*) desire to both be creative AND then implement that creativity into innovative ways forward?

By “innovative ways forward” I mean not only ideating great new products / services but also innovating / improving / adapting to an ideal level the way we work, take decisions, communicate … do things.

Just informing your team of the plan is unlikely to get most people excited about their work.
But also just being emotional, communicating in an emotional way, will only touch one part of the inspiration of your team.

Instead being empathic, understanding your team, listening to the people in your team and knowing what emotions move them … THAT is where we can really connect with the deep motivation of your team.

So the emotion we as leaders of great teams where work is lovely and where you love to work starts by an emotional connection, by investing the time to create that sincere, authentic connection that will ignite pure magic.

(*) My Team = anyone I work with

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