What is the mindset of your team, regenerative or depleting?

As Ervin Laszlo said “We are in the midst of a bifurcation. Bifurcation creates crisis, and crisis, we know, is both danger and opportunity. Either way, it is a prelude to change.
The challenge is to choose the change that leads to a sane and flourishing world.”

What is the mindset that is (should be) driving your team?

Are you fostering a #regenerative mindset that looks to create more than you consume.

A #sustainable mindset aiming to at least put back into the system as much as you took out from it to achieve your goals.

Or are you like the majority of businesses, taking the easier path forward: using a #depleting mindset, subtracting from what surrounds you in order to achieve you individual progress?

Choosing the right mindset will create the best outcomes for your team, it will create the right energy, the right motivation and drive. It will not only affect your company but just as importantly define the role of your company in the world it influences.

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