A framework to accelerate innovation

How can Geoff Mulgan’s “steering through capability” framework that he offers for governments, be used by your company to create the fast innovation that we all need?

He shows in his document here the importance of moving away from mandating and instead steering, guiding, enabling. Going from downwards control to upwards accountability. (see my other idea on this shift away from control).

Specifically he highlights the focus of a steering process to grow capabilities and knowledge. Doing so collectively in what he defines as constellations of partners.
Steering implies not leaving everything to creativity but offering some degree of accompaniment, which makes the innovation more effective and relevant: “combining direction with experimentation”. Examples of steering could be setting the aim of the organisation to “reach net zero emissions” or “moving towards a culture of learning”.

Three of Geoff Mulgan’s five elements to create this desired innovation could apply to your company:

  1. Direction plus experimentation : through a “steering that can combine clear long-term direction with experimentation and innovation.”
  2. Linking multiple partners through what he calls ‘constellations’, ‘Intelligence Assemblies’ which provide wider insights and ideas and allow faster implementations with all parties involved from the start
  3. Knowledge commons. Data and knowledge organised as commons to allow rapid accessibility when needed and mobilisation of relevant information.

How are you structuring yourself for your best change towards innovation?

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