The best motivational tool when everything around you is bleak: dream!

I am currently snowed in, and have been for a few days and I don’t live in a farm in Northern Europe but in Madrid. This has meant important disruption to my basic movements compounded by the raging pandemic that is skyrocketing around me, it seems like an apocalyptic “what’s going to happen next” situation.

This might be a familiar distressing situation for your business, when a situation of crisis surrounds every angle of your organization and where the natural outcome for the morale and inspiration of your team will be a draining continuous firefighting. How can you as a leader get your team out of that negative, non-productive situation? DREAM !

When the reality around you is too negative, dreaming of the future we want to create is liberating. It lifts a heavy weight off your shoulder and for a moment you and your team will not be living in crisis mode but in dream mode. That is where everything is lighter and freer, and more creative and where so much is possible.

A practical example came from my friends at who were working in a change management accompaniment in a big bank that was facing serious problems. During the session that was trying to find solutions to a terrible series of complex problems, someone came up with a shocking statement “You know what? I think that banking as we know it is dead!” . A moment of panicked silence was soon followed by an audible sigh of relief by the entire board room. It was as if a huge weight a grey cloud was suddenly lifted off and they felt now free to create the future without being tied down by the nagging every day heavy issues.

The positive transformative mindset power of shifting into “dreaming the future” mode from time to time, allows you and your team to extrapolate yourself from daily struggles and both create a new spirit, a new momentum and set the path towards that better future instead of being stuck in what might well be a dead end road.

How and how often are you and your team putting yourself in “dream mode”?

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