Change is inevitable. Are we going to change by design or by disaster?

I recently heard a statement by Annie Leonard “change is inevitable … the question is not if we are going to change but how … either we are going to change by design or by disaster”. With so much uncertainty around us, when you at last see some certainty and inevitability, we should be great at harnessing what we know and are certain about.

Where are we at our best: when we design change or when we are driven to change by fear?
Whilst fear helps create a sense of urgency in our actions, it is never a good mental state. When we operate in fear we operate with an anxiety that lacks clarity of thought, that aims to take the least worse decision and not the best one.

When we are in fear or “managing risk” (as we commonly now rationalise that fear state in our companies) the solution is generally one that aims to stop the immediate crisis as opposed to creating the best one for our continued success over time.

Moreover when we operate in a state of fear or risk aversion, we are giving up control.
Instead the pleasure of controlling, of designing change, of deciding the best way forward as opposed to fearing the worse case scenario is a powerful driver of positive mindsets and best innovation possible.

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