The mind of an innovator, is a prodigious noticer.

When living in uncertainty, noticing becomes an important asset to ensure present and future success. The best outcomes arise when you are discovering and exploring. When you are both in a state of “what if …” possibility and noticing, being very aware of what is happening and of what might happen.

With so much happening around us, understanding what is happening, what is relevant and what might be relevant is the key to being successful. But before you can understand you need to notice. So being busy, interacting online, going from meeting to meeting is not conducive to such a state of noticing.

Noticing can lead us to noticing all that is wrong, the risks we need to look out for. But a far more productive noticing is where you are looking with curiosity and optimism at possibilities of how we can act in the best possible way considering the conditions we are now aware of.

The future will be in the hands of people who create an open mind, that is able not just to see the obvious, but that is comfortable and able to find patterns in complexity. Observing, noticing, threads, trends, possibilities and outcomes.

That is the mind of a true innovator.

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