Yearning for certainty? Forget it! Instead try building the future.

We live in the most uncertain of times yet we yearn for certainty. Not an ideal situation to be in.
So I suggest that instead of trying to predict the future (utopistic dream) we take control of what we can, and create the future.

Facebook, Zoom, Ali Baba, Tencent and a long string of other crazy ideas turned in just a couple of years (or less!) into powerful world impacting companies.
They did not start by adapting to what might happen, instead they decided to create what was not there, the future.

We live in times of bifurcation, where many decisions have powerful consequences. I wrote about the power of intuition to guide us. What I know for sure is that we need to take more control on the many aspects we can control and leave out what is outside out control, distractions where we all too often focus and worry without any benefit whatsoever.

We have to step out of uncertainty and be more decisive in going forward.
This starts with deeply understanding what future we want and why it is important to reach it.
Involve a number of other people in this powerful direction setting strategy.
Be very clear of the principles and values we wish to drive us and those around us and then just do it, in co-creation with others.
Ideally with the “others” who will benefit most from our innovation, product or service.

Of course we are facing huge challenges, but so do our competitors.
What will allow us to be better is a humbleness, an awareness that challenges are too big for any individual or single company to tackle. Pooling resources, intelligence, leadership, and common goals with others, even with competitors, will elevate exponentially our success factor.

When predicting the future is impossible, we can take control of our present, using common values co-creating the future we agree we want.

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