Reputation is NOT created by what you say, but by how people perceive you.

The problem with the old way of communicating to create a reputation is that you will not be creating the reputation you are looking for.

Traditionally you bought a full page article on key financial magazines, you created a great CSR media campaign, you wrote a wonderful end of year sustainability report. But the core of the brand of a company does not lie in its size, importance nor its past history, it it lies in the (true) value that it is capable of generating in others today and tomorrow. And that value is always what is perceived by others.

We might provoke it, imagine it, or wish it, but truly, others will decide the value it brings to them individually, to society in general.

That value can only be perceived when it is real. It comes not from past but from current behaviours. It comes from being reliable, consistent, authentic and coherent in both our actions (first) and communication (second).

The key element of communication is that it is not mono directional, good communication implies a constant interaction of listening first, and then talking that what is relevant to your audience (not to you).

So don’t focus on what you are communicating but in what you are conveying.
Is it relevant to your audience?
Is it providing appreciated value?
Is it reflecting the authentic self, being, soul, actual behaviours of your company?

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