The aspiration of being promoted and how to motivate without promoting

Being promoted is an aspiration. It is one of the workplace objectives that bring about the greatest satisfaction when achieved and also greatest frustration if you are nor getting that coveted promotion. Why is it so important?

Besides the possible pay increase, the key payoff of being promoted is recognition: possibly the biggest motivator at work and in life.

You have been promoted = you are great, you are doing a great job, you deserve more and we are giving this to you.

But you cannot promote everyone and you cannot promote endlessly, so how can you as a leader, keep motivating, without promotion being part of the solution? Substituting promotion with recognition.

“I don’t need a promotion” is the environment you want to create but you should be aware of why people will say this:
GOOD: I don’t need a promotion because I am fine here, I feel respected, my rights are covered, I thrive, I enjoy the relationships with rest of the team, I have the ownership and autonomy I need.
BAD: I don’t want a promotion because I am not good enough. Insecure people who think they reached the best they can do and don’t feel they could do a lot more. Here you have insecurity, underlying dissatisfaction and an ability to be more and do more that is untapped.
These are people who are actually not satisfied and that you should make sure are accompanied to reach their full self.

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