Remote vs Office working. What is the undetected and biggest innovation of the new “workplace”?

(you can read a longer set of ideas expressed here)

The most powerful innovation through the COVID pandemic has been the fact that we are mainly working from home. From HOME and not from the office. That is bringing about more of us, and will bring about more innovation and creativity.

As a direct consequence of our new workplace (our homes) our conversations have been more frank, our tone of voice, between one of the children shouting and the cat walking on the keyboard, has been more real. Moving from the bedroom to that place in the house where we work we had less of a journey to transform our behaviours from our home attitude to how we behave in places of work. Places that are not created by us nor for us, places that make us less of ourselves, that bring about less of ourselves.

We have discovered more of the human being that is on the other side of our daily conversations. These changes in relationships are fundamental elements to create a culture of creativity and unleash the full potential of peopleMore than creative processes / Murals / Miros / Postits etc, it can help us to develop relationships of trust, the full development of creative capacities and that allow a more daring attitude. 

So creating environment where each human being is more present, more allowed to be their full self is what will power creativity, innovation, and just as importantly implementation!
In this sense, very few leaders, even the most creative, are prepared for the future.

(more ideas on this topic expressed here)

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