To keep up with the pace: reinforce good ideas or seek new ones?

In the constant race to keep up with the pace, what is most useful: sticking to good principles or constantly seeking what is new and better?

We want to keep up, progress, innovate, continue to lead and be successful but sometimes we might wish to actually stop changing, moving forward, and instead consolidate what works. Too often we seem to be looking forward to the “what next / what better” and seem to forget the celebration and opportunity to harness what is the now, what is ideal right now.

There is a great lack of and need for stability, reassurance in our teams at this most uncertain of times .
A strong exceptionally performing team is able to stop, to be thoughtful, to be considered, to even pause and creating behaviours of reflection on what is good, right, working, successful right now.

A constant look into the future, and a constant being mentally in the future, makes us weaker in every day presence today.

The future opens our minds, the present is where we need to be and be seen to be strong and clear.

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