Change the default, create new habits

“It’s the way things work around here”, “It’s always been done this way”, “This is the culture”…
When leading necessary change and #innovation in your workplace, these default obstacles hinder you.
So, substitute with new defaults.

For example ways to open the doors to innovation include:
FROM focusing on your work ignoring what is around you – TO paying attention to what is happening, what is changing around you.
FROM forgetting the dreams of the founders – TO dreaming daily.
FROM not having time for your team mates – TO enjoying time for / with your team mates to create resilient, trusting teams.
FROM it can’t be done because … – TO it could be done if.
FROM this is it! – TO “what-if” scenario thinking and doing.
FROM assuming – TO questioning
FROM judging bad behaviours – TO encouraging good behaviours

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