making has never been easier, convincing people you have something worth buying has gotten infinitely more difficult

Making things all the way to having 3D pincers available, staff you can employ and work with from anywhere in the world, finance that you can crowd fund in a week, etc etc has never been easier.
Creating your enterprise has become so easy, that there are now a multitude of them and the difficult part, what has become increasingly difficult has been getting people’s attention, convincing people that you have something worth buying.

use social media learning permission and trust
you are a publisher of ideas and your customers are looking forward to next month’s news from you

an entrepreneur is someone who creates a business that makes money whilst they sleep
a freelancer makes money when they work

a brand is not a logo, a brand is not a name – a brand is a series of expectations people have based on the promises you have made.
what does your target customer need to hear to have them say “this is for me” for example two brands of beers are actually exactly the same product but have a different label as people are used to a certain brand and think they taste something different with a different label
introducing a new product and saying “we used to be…now we are producing …”

build something into my story that has the purchaser of my product have something to say and to share about what they are wearing or using, about my product

good quote from Seth Godin instead of putting too much effort into crating a product or service that is totally new and never been done before , simply “…Find something that will touch us, move us, improve us or change us. Then ship.”

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